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Chamblee Charter High School (Swimming Pool)

Chamblee Charter High School
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General Use
Three-hour minimum. The Renter is responsible for paying the Facility Use Fees at a rate of $75.00 per hour. Additional rules and fees can be found on our pricing information page. A lifeguard is required to be on duty at all times and must upload copies of their certification cards under the document section in School Space The Renter will be assessed a clean up fee for usage of the pool. The price will be $100.00 A criminal background check is required for all responsible parties that will rent the facility and must be obtained from our Public Safety Department They must also upload a copy of their certificate of Acord (Insurance) List DeKalb County Schools/Board of Education as an additional insured. Renter is responsible for hiring a lifeguard and responsible for paying the lifeguard. The Renter will be responsible for paying the Security and Custodian on duty during the event A flyer is required that describes the activity including the date, time and price that is been charged